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Fraud and Forgery Abound at Corix Bioscience (CXBS) - Part 3
Initially Posted: March 8, 2018 8:00 a.m. PST   

Today, Michael Ogburn the Forger, issued a press release on behalf of Corix Bioscience, announcing the acquisition of OG Group, LLC.
"Corix CEO Michael Ogburn commented, “We are pleased to team up with the highly-regarded industry leaders at OG Group. This acquisition allows us to put licenses Corix already owns to significant use. OG Group will be utilizing more than $5 million worth of specialty processing equipment to service customer orders. Together we expect to positively impact the entire ecosystem of this business.”
Oh really? Highly regarded? Let's see.

OG Group was filed as an LLC in Wyoming two months ago today.

Kamil Ozgur Ergul
OG Group's organizer is Kamil Ozgur Ergul, a UCLA student as recently as 2 years ago and maybe still. He is Michael Ogburn's nephew.

We're expected to believe that Ergil put together $5 million worth of specialty processing equipment in 2 months. No wonder he is "highly regarded"! What a whiz kid!

Note OG Group's email address registered with the Wyoming Secretary of State. It belongs to someone at Ogburn's favorite law firm, PAESANO AKKASHIAN APKARIAN, P.C., the firm that has been Michael's right hand man in all of his criminal activities.

Also note the mailing address of OG Group, Inc. It is Corix's mailing address too.

According to the press release;
"The all-stock acquisition of 60% of OG Group calls for 17,500,000 Corix common shares to be issued to the OG Group shareholders; with 5,000,000 shares issued upon closing the transaction, and 2,500,000 shares to be issued on each subsequent purchase anniversary for five years thereafter."
In short, Corix didn't acquire anything. Michael Ogburn just found another way to gift himself another 17.5 million shares of Corix to dump.

Michael Ogburn is a thief. This is now a fact. And now Kamil Ozgur Ergul has joined the party. See you in court Kamil.

~ George