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Litigation Consulting

“Mr. Sharp, remind me why are you not an attorney?"
   - Judge David Oberholtzer, California Superior Court, San Diego Central Division

George is a well-known activist for integrity in the microcap market, having appeared on television and quoted in the print media.  His work has been integral in the indictment--and in some instances, the imprisonment--of several bad actors intent on stealing from "widows and orphans".  Sharp has also provided damning evidence to the United States Securities Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Association (FINRA) about public companies which were solely designed to defraud the public at large, many of which were subsequently suspended from trading.  Much of the information he has provided to the authorities and regulators has been gleaned from discovery obtained by George during the civil numerous cases he has litigated against these fraud artists.

George Sharp Interviewed on CBC National News As Part of a Feature
Story On the Indictment of Recidivist Stock Fraud Artist, Jim Can

When appropriate, George retains counsel, however, his grasp of California Civil Procedure has enabled him to prosecute several cases "In Pro Per". He has induced several settlements which include a bar from further deceptive activity, as well as monetary compensation. George has prevailed in numerous motions in which he was self-represented, including winning arguments against unfavorable tentative rulings. He has been recognized as "unusually competent in the courtroom", prompting one judge to admonish adverse counsel for "underestimating Mr. Sharp just because he is self-represented".

George is offering services to attorneys involved in securities related litigation
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