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Participants In CATV Pump Could Be Set Up For A World of Hurt
Initially Posted: January 18, 2019 12:45 p.m. PST   Last Updated: January 21, 2019 5:50 p.m. PST

Addendum: I have been getting several emails and other communications asking me about the transfer of the Nevada corporation to Florida, so I decided to address it here once and for all.

Firstly, even if the redomicile of the corporation would be complete, it wouldn't matter. The share structure is the share structure and it is as I have already addressed below. The toxic lenders are converting, a fact confirmed by the transfer agent, and they are selling into the artificially generated volume concocted by a few despicable promoters who bought up over 200 million shares at $.0002 and then pumped the stock to the few sheep who still follow these disgusting individuals. It is very possible that they are working with the lenders to take the stock higher, but then again maybe not. This is irrelevant. And for those that believe that stocks with delinquent filings, i.e. Stop Signs, can't be diluted, you are just wrong. The stop sign is assigned by OTC Markets Group. It has nothing to do with the SEC. In fact, company's like CATV do not report to the SEC, and something really wrong would have to be brought to their attention before the regulator would step in. Furthermore, the debt owed to the transfer agent does not mean that they can withhold service on those who wish to rightly convert existing debt. The T/A becomes obligated to complete transactions (conversions) already contracted and where the stock has been previously reserved, when it agrees to become agent for the public company, whether its bills have been paid or not. In the case of CATV, last week, the transfer agent converted a considerable amount of debt into stock which was sold into the market. Interwest has confirmed that on Friday KBM International (Seth and Curt Kramer) on its own converted and sold 77 million shares.

Secondly, while a corporation may have been properly registered in Florida and documents were filed to presume a merger/redomicile of the Nevada corporation, it still has no affect on CATV as it is today. In order for the redomicile to be effective, merger out documents must be filed with Nevada and to do that the company has to be current on its registration. As CATV is severely delinquent on its registration with Nevada, bringing it up to date would now cost $14,500. And that price continues to go up as time goes by.  AFTER the registration is updated and merger out documents have been filed, the company is still required to file a Corporate Action notification with FINRA, which may or may not approve of the action. That also costs money, but not much. Until FINRA approves of the action, as far as the CATV shell is concerned, it is still considered to be a Nevada corporation. And then, after all that, OTC Markets Group must be paid (a total of about $4,000) in order for an authorized person to access the OTCIQ system, so that the change can be reflected in the company profile. But for OTCM to approve all of that, everything must be brought up to date with them as well. And even then, they can reject the application if they do not approve of the individuals involved. Access to the OTCM platform by any issuer is not a right. OTCM is a for profit business and they can decide not to do business with anyone they so choose. My guess is that if anybody does bring CATV back to life, which I believe is highly doubtful because of the expense and the massive debt outstanding, the entire Florida escapade will be treated as if it had never happened and the company will remain a Nevada corporation. But then again, that is totally irrelevant to the current situation, which is the pumping of an empty shell that has been inoperative for at least 2 1/2 years.

There is a tremendous amount of work and expense involved with bring CATV back to life and I was hired to determine whether it was worth the expense. I determined that in order to bring all of the filings up to date and deal with the lenders, right now it could cost as much as a quarter of a million dollars to make it viable again.


Every week, I get approached by a number of companies or individuals who wish to "fix" issuers that are delinquent, and are seeking my help in their endeavor. I refuse almost all of them, either because of the individuals behind the deal, or the corporate or share structure or because I deem it unfixable.

Last month, a reputable individual came to me seeking control of the dormant 4CABLE TV International, Inc. (CATV) shell. He paid me to evaluate the current situation of the company and what kind of effort and expense it would take to make it viable. For reasons I won't get into, that individual decided not to proceed.

Today I discovered that CATV was undergoing some sort of pump effort, or at least that is all I can surmise from the trading activity of the last few days. So in my continuing effort to bring awareness of potential scams to the investing public, I decided to post the demographics of what I think is potentially a very dangerous situation for the retail investor. I am not calling the company a scam, but will just lay out the facts for those active in the play to judge.

The company's transfer agent, Interwest Transfer Co., is owed a lot of money. $13,000 to be exact (that is a lot for a T/A). They agreed to speak with me because I told them that I had a party who might be interested in bringing the company back to life, which meant paying the outstanding balance. As Interwest is not an OTC Markets Group verified transfer agent, they are not responsible for keeping the share count up to date on the OTCM profile page. But I can tell you that the 82,176,910 number is wrong. Very wrong.

As of December 1, 2018, the number of shares issued and outstanding in CATV is 1.777 billion. What's worse, is that over 3.2 billion have been reserved by the toxic lenders who plan to convert their debt into shares whenever there is volume in the stock. Like this week. The reserve maxes out the 5 billion shares authorized in the company. You should believe that the toxic lenders converted and sold as much stock as they possibly could this week. They may even be indirectly responsible for whatever pump created the volume.

The toxic lenders who reserved stock are:

Actus Fund
JMJ Financial
Visveres, LLC
KBM Worldwide, Inc. (Curt Kramer)
LG Capital

The fact that there are seven lenders with stock makes the situation worse, as they will all be competing to sell their holdings. At any rate, if the buying volume continues, expect that there will be 5 billion shares issued and outstanding in short order. In fact, it would be best to treat the stock as if there were that many shares outstanding now.

This will undoubtedly be back to $.0001 very soon.

~ George