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Sean Zarinegar Labelled a Thief By the State of Idaho
Initially Posted: August 7, 2018 6:00 a.m. PDT   Last Updated: August 27, 2018 8:15 a.m. PDT

On July 31, 2018, the Attorney General for the State of Idaho announced a civil action against Sean Zarinegar and his labyrinth of alter ego entities including Corix Biosciences, Inc (CXBS), for the theft of over $500,000 from one of he state's senior citizens. Many of Zarinegar's victims have come forward in response to my press releases and previous blog posts regarding the crimes of Zarinegar and his successor, Michael Ogburn. Having directed them to the appropriate authorities, the Idaho AG's action is sure to be just the first of many such government initiated civil suits against Zarinegar, undoubtedly culminating in a grand jury indictment. In short, Zarinegar is eventually going to go to prison.

What make's Zarinegar's crimes particularly heinous is that most of his victims in the American Realty Partners-Performance Realty Management-American Housing Income Trust-Corix Biosciences Ponzi-scheme are senior citizens. This is enough to add charges of elder abuse to Zarinegar's portfolio. And considering that this is not Zarinegar's first kick at the criminal can--Sean had already been cited by several state securities commission for his "indiscretions"--it seems plausible that RICO charges are also possible.

I conservatively estimate that Zarinegar's scheme cost seniors at least $6 million. What happened to the money? Well Sean reportedly drives a Ferrari, owns several pieces of property, and recently took his family on a trip to Fiji. I'll let you draw your own conclusions. Reportedly, over $172,000 of the Idaho investor's money went directly into Zarinegar's personal account.

The Idaho AG's complaint also fingers Sean's wife, Kori Zarinegar, for being the beneficiary of the ill-gotten booty. I believe that while Sean is percolating in a federal cell for the better part of his middle-aged years, Kori will be relegated to a lifestyle below what she is currently enjoying at the expense of those who have lost all or a good part of their life savings. Still, I have no doubt that Kori will be enjoying extravagances in secret, courtesy of the funds undoubtedly stuffed in a mattress somewhere.

I have been cooperating with the Idaho AG's office, by providing them with evidence and discovery gleaned from my case against Corix, Zarinegar and Ogburn. In fact, the AG was unable to find Zariinegar until I provided Sean's actual home address. Being well versed in the crooked ongoings of Zarinegar et al., I will be working closely with the state and attending all depositions in the case.

Unsurprisingly, Devin Bone is representing Corix in Idaho's litigation. As I've already alleged, Bone's firm, Paesano, Akkashian Arpkarian, LP, is up too their ears in the illegal conduct of Zarinegar, Ogburn, Corix, ARP and PRM., The firm filed registration documents in Idaho on behalf of Performance Realty Management. Over the course of the AG's two year investigation of Zarinegar, Bone's boss, Anthony Paesano, was responding to communications on behalf of Zarinegar. It seems likely that the firm received their share of the stolen funds in the way of fees. It now seems even more plausible that the firm had a hand in forcing Zarinegar out of Corix, then known as American Housing Income Trust. After all, the firm unquestionably knew that the Idaho investigation would lead to litigation. Why they would hand the firm to a crook like Michael Ogburn, is another question, but one that warrants an answer.

~ George