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What Happens When One Crook Seeks Help From Another Crook:
The Funny But Sad Saga of Michael Ogburn and Frank Santa

Initially Posted: July 27, 2018 4:00 a.m. PDT   

Hampered by my previous blog posts about his crooked ways, Michael Ogburn has been seeking ways to virtually rehabilitate himself. My posts have evidently blocked his ability to execute his next fraud, as has been shown by a couple of phone calls from Ogburn's prospective new dupes who were savvy enough to conduct a minimal bit of due diligence on Michael.

There is no doubt that in order to continue with his fraudulent ways, Michael needs to be rid of this post as well as this one and this one. Unfortunately for him, he has not learned to do his own due diligence on the people with whom he does business.

Michael recently sought refuge from a crap outfit called Business Image Lift (BIL), whose website purports to be able to rid the internet of derogatory information no matter where it resides (or apparently how truthful it is). BIL's tactic is not unusual: there's a couple of attempts to strongarm the webmaster, albeit in BIL's case "respectfully", together with threats of litigation. Copy a few impressive sounding addresses on the email, and maybe the receiver will pee his pants. Sorry dudes, wrong guy.

One problem with BIL's emails to me is that there is absolutely no identification of what statements in my blog posts are defamatory. Just a general accusation.

<click image to enlarge>

BIL is just as inept at due diligence as Ogburn, because if it had done just the slightest bit of research, not only would BIL had discovered that everything I have posted about Michael is irrefutable, but that a law firm in New York had just recently tried to strongarm me into retracting one of my blog posts to a resounding failure.

Now we get to the good part.

I, as I always do, did my due diligence on BIL. What a joke!

Francis Santa
BIL is run by one Francis Santa, a convicted felon who just over a year ago finished almost 75 months of an 88 month sentence in the federal pokey. You see, Santa Fraud, as I shall now refer to Francis, was found guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Bank Fraud. Nine banks, in fact. The charges can be found here. I could go into the entire indictment, but what for?  Here is a link to the Orlando Sun Sentinel's article from 2011, discussing the crimes of Santa and his cronies..

The point is that Santa Fraud is now running a scheme through which he claims to be able to do something he can't do and that is get stuff off the internet. Soon, I will find out what his probation officer thinks about that.  Sure, he may be able to con some poor sucker into removing the truth from a website through a series of bluster and jargon. But in reality, nothing can be done about the truth. Unfortunately, the mere threat of a lawsuit is enough to scare the pants off some. Boy, did he pick the wrong guy here. Now he has this blog post as his reward.

It would take a lawyer of unbelievable stupidty to file this lawsuit against me. Yes, someone even stupider than Santa Fraud. That's why he'll never find anyone, and I doubt he'll even try. Neither, for that matter, do I believe that he ever arranged to have someone sued through his BIL service. How do I know? Because BIL/SANTA can't even get their own negative comments off the internet.

BIL is little more than a scheme to get money from people desperate to scrub the internet of their wrongdoings. It is a fraud run by a fraudster. That is a fact!

Mike, you ought to try and get your money back from Santa Fraud, but I suspect you won't. In the meantime, admit your shortcomings, act like a decent human being, and right your wrongs. Maybe people will stop posting the truth about you on the internet.

~ George